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Real Estate Lawyer North Aurora IL

Real Estate Lawyer North Aurora IL

How and when you decide to sell your home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Working with a Real Estate Lawyer North Aurora IL helps ensure that you’ll protect your investment and that the process goes along smoothly.

Your lawyer will make sure that, prior to putting your signature on any documents, you have a clear understanding of the legal agreements pertaining to the sale of your residential property.

After your first consultation with your real estate lawyer, you can then make a determination if you are prepared to put your home on the marketplace. If you choose to use a real estate agent, you should typically forward the listing agreement to your lawyer for review.

When a potential buyer shows interest in your home, they should present an offer to purchase to you in writing. In the event you choose to accept that offer, that means you and the buyer then have a binding contract that states the rights of each party.

The contract usually includes all the terms of the sale like earnest money, sales price, deposit, terms of financing, closing and possession dates, personal properties to be included in the transaction, rights of inspection and more.

Because the contract is an essential document in the sale of the home, it is critical that you have an understanding of the terms. Don’t sign an offer that contains conditions you don’t fully understand. Your Real Estate Lawyer North Aurora IL can assist you in evaluating the offers you receive and present any counteroffers.

In the event that you have to accept a purchase offer from a buyer before consulting with your lawyer, verify that the contract permits your lawyer to review it and make modifications if necessary.