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Planning to Buy a Home?

It’s a big decision and is often the largest single investment many people will make in their lifetime. That’s why you’ll want a legal professional who will protect your interests. A real estate lawyer can help guide you throughout the process of buying your next home, from the initial stages to the closing.

Preparing an Offer

A real estate lawyer can review the offer for you. A purchase agreement is a legal document that calls for careful review prior to signing. Many homeowners could benefit from legal expertise to help them understand this significant decision. The input of a lawyer can provide you with peace of mind knowing the offer does not overly favor the seller, that you are not giving up your rights and that the necessary language and terms are included.

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Matthew has a track record of effectively handling cases in state and bankruptcy courts, both before judges and juries. He has adeptly managed business conflicts, both in and outside of the courtroom. Additionally, he has skillfully overseen the completion of sales involving businesses and real estate. His experience extends to guiding businesses from their initial stages to becoming multi-million dollar enterprises.

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