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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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If you’re considering filing a lawsuit but aren’t certain on how to proceed with it, it’s essential to talk with a litigation lawyer. Pursuing a lawsuit can be a complex process that typically requires the expertise of a legal professional with experience in that practice area.

A litigation lawyer at our firm can guide you throughout the process of filing and then enacting a lawsuit. In addition, our lawyers can evaluate your case and determine if it’s appropriate for the courtroom or if handling it through mediation outside of court is the better option.

When Should You Consult with a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

If you’re considering a lawsuit the first step is to consult with a lawyer. Our litigation lawyers can assess if your case has a good chance of succeeding and have experience in the necessary procedures and paperwork involved.

Civil litigation can involve, for example, a motor vehicle accident that results in injuries, a dispute over a real estate transaction or business contract, or a range of other situations where one party seeks to recover money or other form of compensation for damages they’ve incurred. Likewise, if you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit, it’s in your best interests to retain the services of a lawyer.

In other circumstances you might simply want to consult with a civil litigation lawyer to get an opinion on how you should proceed. Talking to a lawyer does not necessarily mean that you are going to file a complaint and go to trial. In many cases a litigation lawyer will have a number of options available for obtaining a settlement and spare you of the stress and expense of a trial. Negotiating a settlement, arbitration and mediation, for instance, can be effective solutions that obtain a best possible outcome in your case.

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Matthew has a track record of effectively handling cases in state and bankruptcy courts, both before judges and juries. He has adeptly managed business conflicts, both in and outside of the courtroom. Additionally, he has skillfully overseen the completion of sales involving businesses and real estate. His experience extends to guiding businesses from their initial stages to becoming multi-million dollar enterprises.

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