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Signs You Should Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL

You might need to retain a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL to represent you if you have suffered severe injuries, or if the legal rules at issue in your potential injury claim are complicated. On occasion, an insurance provider may decline to settle on good faith terms. If you’ve been involved in one or more of the following kinds of accidents – whether a vehicle accident or otherwise – or sustained injuries, don’t hesitate to contact our offices to consult with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL for assistance.

You’ve Sustained Permanent or Long-Term Injuries

If the injuries you’ve suffered in an accident will require care for the long term or you’re permanently disabled, consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL right away. A lawyer with experience in personal injury claims can compute what your injury may be worth. Additionally, calculating how your injury will affect your earning capabilities over a period of time can be tricky and usually will require expert help. To optimize a personal injury claim, you’ll need a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL who will pursue all potential avenues of compensation for what you have suffered.

When Multiple Parties Are Involved and Liability is Unclear

When you’ve been hurt in an accident in which multiple parties might be legally responsible you’ll want to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL. Dealing with insurance providers in a multiple party case can get complicated. If several people might have been hurt, it may diminish the amount of settlement funds available. Also, you might also be subject to claims from another party, which means your eventual compensation offer declines due to your partial fault in the accident.

Bad Faith: When Insurers Will Not Pay

Insurance providers, on occasional, simply will not offer a fair settlement or even any settlement at all. If you’re not able to obtain a fair settlement from the insurer of the party at fault through your own efforts or if negotiations with the insurer are not getting satisfactory results, don’t delay in contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL for assistance.

You’ve Sustained Significant Injuries

How much compensation you eventually receive for your claim mainly rests on the severity of your injuries. Insurance providers calculate severity based on the type of injury sustained, the medical costs you’ve amassed and the length of your recuperation time. As the value of your possible compensation rises, it becomes more likely you’ll reach the top limits of the liable party’s policy. When this is the situation, the insurer might only be capable of paying you a small portion of what you truly deserve. A Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL can protect your interests and see that you obtain the proper compensation.

Unfortunately, there could even be a chance the insurer is taking part in what’s known as bad faith tactics. If that’s the case, you will require assistance from a lawyer with experience in litigating those types of claims.

Hurt in a Motor Vehicle Accident? Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL at 630-402-0850

FAQs regarding traffic accidents – read on for answers to your questions on fault, proof and insurance following a motor vehicle accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident and sustained injuries you might be able to receive compensation. Call our firm and speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL about your case today.

What is the determining factor of who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident?

Deciding who is responsible in an accident typically comes down to who acted carelessly. When it comes to traffic accidents, there’s a set of rules informing people how they’re supposed to safely drive and that provides guidelines on how liability is measured. These widely known rules of the road serve as the traffic laws all motorists have to learn in order to receive a driver’s license. The rules are stated in the state of Illinois vehicle code. They are applicable to not just cars and trucks but to motorcycles, bicycles and even pedestrians.

In some accident cases a traffic violation is obviously cause of a vehicle accident: for instance, if a motorist rolls through a stop sign and collides with another.

In other accident situations, it’s not as clear if a violation occurred. A frequent example is a collision that happens when two motorists merge into one traffic lane. These types of accidents may be subject by the laws of negligence. A motorist, pedestrian or motorcyclist who is negligent – who acted carelessly – will typically be found to be least partly at fault.

Proving Negligence – Personal Injury Lawyer Geneva IL

Some of the elements that must be present when it comes to proving negligence are:

-The driver is required to act with reasonable caution in the specific situation. This is obvious in any type of case because drivers should act with care at all times

-The driver wasn’t reasonably cautious.

-The driver’s actions resulted in actual damage to property or injury to someone.

Who is liable if my vehicle is rear-ended?

If someone crashes into your vehicle from the rear, the accident is practically always that motorist’s fault regardless of why you stopped. A fundamental rule of the road holds that a vehicle must be able to safely stop if another vehicle in front of it stops. If the motorist is not able to stop, he or she isn’t driving in the same safe manner as the motorists in front.

Another factor in rear-end collision claims is that damage to the car shows how the accident occurred. When the other vehicle’s front end and your vehicle’s back end are each damaged, there is typically no doubt what took place.

There can also be a reaction collision in which both your vehicle and the one behind you can be struck if a third vehicle crashes into one behind yours and then causes it to strike the back of your vehicle. In those cases, it’s the driver of the third vehicle who’s responsible.

Is a vehicle turning left always at fault when an accident happens?

A vehicle taking a left is usually liable to a vehicle that’s driving straight in the approaching direction. Exceptions, though, to this liability can happen in the event:

-The vehicle traveling straight was moving too fast. This can be hard to prove.

-The vehicle going straight rolled through a red light, or the left-turning car started its turn when conditions were safe but an unexpected development occurred that made it necessary to slow or fully stop the turn.

Whichever the contributing issues may be, the law states the vehicle making a left turn has to wait until it is able to safely execute the left turn before traveling in front of oncoming traffic. The location of damage on the vehicle can sometimes make it hard for the other motorist to contend that the accident occurred in some manner besides a left turn. So, if you’ve had a motor vehicle accident in which you collided into another vehicle that was turning left in front of yours, practically any other considerations regarding fault are nixed and the other motorist is generally always responsible.

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