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Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL

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Similar to most other legal matters, bankruptcy is a process. The safest strategy is to consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL to help guide you through it. With professional legal help, you have a much greater chance of getting the best possible outcome. The MDR Law Office helps people from communities throughout the Fox Valley who are in financial distress. Contact us today for a free, private initial consultation.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer typically provides:

-A free initial meeting to establish an overview of your potential case.

-Recommendations of which options are available to you. Primarily which kind of bankruptcy to file.

-Proper paperwork you’ll need to file for bankruptcy.

-Legal representation when your case goes to the courtroom.

The typical bankruptcy process starts with a consultation between you and a Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL. If you’re married, we recommend that both spouses attend the meeting to facilitate communication.

Making estimations about how much money one owes and to whom is not a wise idea. Your lawyer will likely request relevant paperwork that defines your assets and debts. For a truly accurate evaluation of your financial situation, it’s important to provide the complete picture.

When your Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL collects enough information to assess your case, you’ll receive timely advice. Certainly, lawyers do not necessarily advice filing for bankruptcy in every case. There’s a possibility your problems may resolve through other means such as debt settlement or a debt management plan.

If you decide to file for bankruptcy, the next step to expect from your lawyer is the filing of paperwork. Note that your lawyer’s objective is to shield as many of your current assets as possible.

MDR Law Office – Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL – Call 630-402-0850

Subsequently, there is then the issue of appearing in court. At MDR Law Office, we possess the experience to convince the court you deserve a second chance. This is often realistic in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but can be more complex in a Chapter 13 filing.

Signs That You Need the Help of a Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL

Financial collapse rarely takes place all of sudden. Without a doubt, it is often a gradual occurrence with many warning signs that one’s financial condition is deteriorating. But when people ignore those warning signs for too long they end up with no option other than to declare bankruptcy.

Some of the common signs that bankruptcy may be approaching are:

-Your bills are overdue and you’re only able to make the minimum payments each month.

-You have credit cards at their maximum with debt that’s growing instead of declining. Additionally, you use credit cards for basic expenses such as utilities, gas, rent and groceries.

-You’re paying overdraft fees to your bank every month.

-You receive frequent calls from collection agencies and you’re facing litigation from creditors over unpaid debts.

-You do not qualify for a debt-relief plan or for a debt consolidation loan.

-A significant event impacts your financial condition. This could be loss of employment, illness and medical bills, divorce or legal bills.

Get Help Today If You’re Facing Bankruptcy – Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer Geneva IL

Bankruptcy is generally considered a last-ditch remedy for a dire financial condition. The reason for that is a sound one. Certainly, bankruptcy can do damage to your credit that lasts for a number of years. However, if you are not able to resolve your financial problems in under five years, bankruptcy may be an option. Indeed, it can be a turning point from which you begin anew and establish a much stronger financial condition.