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Evictions Lawyer St. Charles IL

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Evictions Lawyer St. Charles IL

Evictions Lawyer St. Charles IL

A landlord cannot typically evict a tenant without first ending the tenancy. This means providing the tenant with written, specific notification of the eviction. If the tenant doesn’t move out after he or she receives notice, the landlord may then file a suit to evict them. (This form of lawsuit is also known as an unlawful detainer lawsuit.)

For it to be successful, the landlord has to show that the tenant did something wrong which justifies the eviction. There are specific requirements in state law that landlords must follow in order to evict someone. Illinois has procedures regarding how to write and deliver notifications and eviction paperwork to tenants.

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Why Landlords Might Serve Notice of Termination to a Tenant

Generally, there are only a few versions of termination notices a tenant may receive if they violate their lease or rental agreement in some way:

-A cure or quit notice. Typically, a landlord will deliver this type of notice to someone who is violating the terms or conditions of a rental agreement or lease. For example, if a tenant is keeping a dog in their apartment despite a “no pets” clause. Or, if a tenant is continually making excessive, loud noise.

Usually, the tenant will have a period of time to correct the violation of the rental agreement or lease.

-Pay rent or quit notice. Just like it sounds, a landlord will deliver this notice to a tenant who is not paying their rent on time. This notice typically provides a few days for the tenant to get caught up on their rent or vacate the property.

If you’re a landlord or property manager with questions about how to evict a tenant in Illinois, consult with an Evictions Lawyer St. Charles IL at 630-402-0850.

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