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Civil Litigation Lawyer Geneva IL

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Civil Litigation Lawyer Geneva IL

Civil Litigation Lawyer Geneva IL

Civil litigation can occur in the event of a legal dispute that involves seeking compensation or a particular type of action. Note that civil litigation does not entail criminal accusations. In some situations, these types of cases will go to a trial, which provides a judge with the opportunity to decide the outcome.

There are a variety of legal conflicts that fall under the category of civil litigation. For example, if a tenant and landlord have a disagreement that ends up in court or if neighbors have a property dispute. Other common examples are:

Medical malpractice.
Personal injury cases.
Disputes over intellectual properties.
Labor or employment disputes.
Disputes regarding education law.
Lawsuits involving divorce.

While these are some very diverse examples, the aspect they share is that they don’t involve criminal charges. A majority of civil cases will often center on conflicts over money or property.

On some occasions, the parties might want an action from another party and they need the court system to enforce it.

Common Steps in Civil Litigations

Without a doubt, each civil law case has its own unique aspects. Nevertheless, each case proceeds through a series of common steps. If you’re considering legal action, the obvious first step is talking to a Civil Litigation Lawyer Geneva IL who practices that area of the law.

Through an initial consultation, you’ll gain a helpful understanding of the process. Your lawyer will help you decide if your case is strong and the best way to begin building it. If you do choose to proceed with litigation the next step is typically an investigation. This step is essential for collecting information and building useful evidence to support your case.

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