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If you’ve been hurt in any type of vehicle accident in the state of Illinois, or if your own vehicle has been damaged, it’s important to know your legal options for receiving compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. On this page, we’ll look at the deadlines for filing a lawsuit and the rules involved and how a Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL can help your case.

Statute of Limitations Regarding Vehicle Accidents in Illinois – Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL

A statute of limitations is basically a state law that puts a time limit upon one’s right to file a lawsuit. These limits can vary based on the type of injury suffered and the type of case the victim wishes to file.

In a lot of cases, the statute that affects a vehicle accident suit in the state of Illinois is the same statute that applies to all types of personal injury cases. This means you generally have two years from the date of a vehicle accident to file.

However, filing deadlines may be different in the event there was a fatality in a crash. A wrongful death suit in Illinois has to be filed according to a time frame set by the state for the particular case or within a year of the date of the fatality, whichever comes later.

With vehicle accidents – which must be filed within two years of an accident – the family of the deceased has one year at a minimum and as much as two years to file. Speak to your Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL for more information.

Lastly, if a lawsuit is related to only motor vehicle damages (or another form of property damage), the state allows five years to file suit. But what occurs when the injured victim of a motor vehicle crash doesn’t initiate a lawsuit before the state’s deadline?

If you attempt to file an initial complaint when it’s been over two years since an accident, the court will likely refuse it unless there is an unusual (but unlikely) exception that could extend the deadline. That is why it is so important to know the time limits set by the statute as it shall apply to your specific situation.

Be aware that every vehicle accident does not lead to litigation. Still, even if you believe your situation will be remedied through insurance claim procedures, it’s a smart idea to keep your legal options available. Leave enough time to file a lawsuit and speak to an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL for assistance.

Bicycle Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL – Free Consultation – 847-628-8311

Were you struck by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle? Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL in Illinois to talk about your rights and legal options

Bicycling is a popular form of exercise, transport and recreation for many people in Illinois. There are many benefits to riding a bicycle instead of driving a car or using public transportation. But unfortunately, bike riding also places people at a higher risk of an injury due to an accident. Statistics show there were nearly 50,000 cyclists hurt in accidents as recently as 2013 nationwide.*

When a cycling accident is the result of another party’s negligence, victims can recover compensation according to state law. It is important, then, for anyone who’s been injured in a bicycle accident for their case to be reviewed by a Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL.

Cycling Accidents May Be Caused By Hazardous Street Conditions

Many cycling accidents are the result of failure by a governmental agency or a private entity that permits the public on its property to sufficiently design and take care of it. When this happens, cyclists might be able to make a claim against the responsible party for the upkeep of the road or other type of surface upon which the accident happened.

A few of the common types of surface dangers that may cause cycling accidents are: poor road or parking lot design, poorly maintained foliage, potholes, standing water resulting from poor drainage, accumulation of ice and snow, insufficient signage,

missing lane markings and poorly marked road hazards.

Bicyclists who are hurt in accidents that happen on public roadways should be aware that legal actions brought against a governmental body are subject to a certain set of rules. This can require the victim to take specific steps prior to filing a claim. This is where the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL is so important. There are also some limitations on how much time a cycling accident victim has to file a claim and the amount of compensation they might recover.

Negligent Motorists Can Cause Cycling Accidents and Injuries – Personal Injury Aurora IL

In a lot of areas in the Chicagoland region, bike, cars, SUVs, commercial tractor trailers and motorcycles are all operating in proximity to one another on daily basis. When a motor vehicle collides with a bike, the consequences can be very serious – usually for the cyclist. Unlike those inside of a motor vehicle, bike riders simply don’t have much protection. In severe accidents they can be thrown off their bikes and struck by oncoming traffic.

The injuries sustained may be severe. Some of the most common types of motorist negligence that results in bike accidents are: speeding, improper turns, failure to stop at a stop sign, following too close, failure to signal a lane change, driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, failure to yield right of way, failure to adequately maintain a motor vehicle and improper turns.

Following an accident with injuries, there are some steps that cyclists can take to defend their right to obtain compensation. If it is possible, try to take photos of the results and location of the accident. Collect relevant information from the motorist involved, such as their name, address, insurance information and their vehicle’s license plate number. Also, try to collect contact numbers from people who might have seen the accident. It’s also important to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL.

Injuries Frequently Sustained in Cycling Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL

Regardless of the protective gear a bicyclist may or may not be wearing, an accident can result in major injuries. A few of the most commonly sustained serious injuries include:

-Bone fractures. Broken bones are one of the most frequently incurred injuries in cycling accidents. While bone brakes can often be treated successfully, they are the type of injury that might leave victims with high medical bills, scarring and chronic pain. A Personal Injury Lawyer Aurora IL can help you win compensation if you’ve incurred this type of injury.

-Traumatic spinal cord or brain injury. Injuries to the spinal cord can lead to serious problems like paralysis and nerve damage. There are, unfortunately, a lot of ways that a bicycling accident can result in harm to the spinal cord – such as the cyclist getting thrown off the bike and landing on a hard surface.

Brain injuries, too, can happen when a cyclist hits their head on an object or if their head is struck with enough force to impact healthy brain functioning.

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If you’ve sustained injuries in a cycling accident that was the fault of another party, you might be able to receive substantial compensation. The sort of cycling accident losses that could be compensable include medical costs, loss of income and quality of life, physical pain and emotional suffering.

*National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.