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An experienced civil litigation lawyer can guide you through the whole process of filing and then the pursuit of a non-criminal lawsuit. Your lawyer also can evaluate your case and advise you if it is best suited for a court proceeding or it can be better handled outside of the court. A few examples of a civil litigation are:

Personal injury.
-Alimony (spousal support.)
-Debt settlement.

The filing of a criminal case is typically handled by a governmental agency, such as the state or the police.

Civil Litigation Lawyer Aurora

If you’re facing a legal matter, you may be wondering if you should contact a civil litigation lawyer. If you are considering or already planning to file a lawsuit, you’ll want to speak with a litigation lawyer. An experienced legal professional with expertise in that practice area of law will be able to determine if your case has a good chance of succeeding.

Your lawyer will have a familiarity with all of the steps, procedures and necessary documentation that must be done. There are some cases that are better handled utilizing alternative dispute resolutions, and a civil litigation lawyer will be able to assess and explain your options.

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While there are a number of factors that can influence the outcome of civil litigation, your lawyer will represent you at each step of the process. With helpful legal guidance, it’s possible your case may settle privately, or it might end up in court. If your case is successful, you might receive financial compensation or compel the other party to stop a harmful action.